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Film and Movies Vocabulary Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   cast      cinematographer      close-up      credits      director      editor      producer      screenwriter      shot      soundtrack  
1. The person who directs actors and tells camera operators to start and stop filming is the .
2. The group of actors and actresses who play roles in a movie is called the movie's .
3. The person who shoots the film and suggests which lenses and filters to use is the .
4. The list of cast and crew we see on the screen at the end of a movie is called the .
5. A piece of film that's recorded by one camera in one continuous take is called a .
6. A shot that's filmed from very close to an actor or an object is called a .
7. The person who cuts shots and joins them together in the correct order is the .
8. The person who arranges money and everything else needed to make a film is the .
9. The person who writes a film's screenplay and the actors' dialogue is the .
10. The recorded sound of a film, including actors' voices, sound effects and music, is the film's .

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