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Film and Movie Genres Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   action      biographies      comedies      crime      documentaries      historical      horror      musicals      romance      science fiction  
1. Films about people who've broken the law are called films.
2. Films in which music and dance routines are central to the story are called .
3. Movies that tell a scary or frightening story are called movies.
4. Films that show real people in the real world in order to teach us something are .
5. Movies that are funny and make us laugh are called .
6. Films about an imaginary world, often set in the future, are called films.
7. Films that tell a story about people falling in love are called films.
8. Exciting movies with car chases, gunfights, explosions, etc are called movies.
9. Biopics that tell the story of a real person's life are usually based on .
10. Films about real events that occurred in the past are called films.

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