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Artistic Categories Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   architecture      classical music      drama      fashion design      fiction writing      film      non-fiction writing      painting      poetry      popular music  
1. Portraits, still lifes, landscapes and abstract works are forms of .
2. Odes, ballads, elegies, sonnets and works in free verse are forms of .
3. Sonatas, concertos, quartets and symphonies are forms of .
4. Comedies, thrillers, dramas, biopics and documentaries are genres of .
5. Biographies, histories, film reviews and essays are forms of .
6. Rock, pop, heavy metal, soul, funk, rap and punk are forms of .
7. Murder mysteries, historical epics and young adult novels are genres of .
8. Office buildings, shopping malls and sports stadiums are works of .
9. Haute couture, evening wear and ready-to-wear lines are works of .
10. Tragedy, comedy, farce and musical theatre are genres of .

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