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Artistic Elements Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   architecture      dance production      fashion design      fiction writing      film-making      musical composition      painting      poetry      sculpture      theatre production  
1. Harmony, melody, rhythm and instrumentation are elements of .
2. Plot, theme, style and characterization are elements of .
3. Colour, form, composition and brushwork are elements of .
4. Screenplays, camera angles and acting performances are elements of .
5. Spatial form, texture and materials like metal and wood are elements of .
6. Scripts, stage design, lighting and acting performances are elements of .
7. Choreography, music, stage design and lighting are elements of .
8. Rhyme, rhythm, meter, imagery and symbolism are elements of .
9. Construction materials, form, space and light are elements of .
10. Fabrics, cut, color, style and texture are elements of .

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