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Banking Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   bank fees      collateral      deposit      exchange      fixed-term      interest      loans      money      rate      transfer      withdraw  
1. Banks provide a secure place in which you can keep your .
2. You can open a savings account and then your money into the account.
2. If you deposit money in an account, you'll receive regular payments called .
3. The amount of interest you receive depends on your bank's interest .
4. Interest rates are usually higher for a deposit, with higher rates for longer periods.
5. If you make a 12-month fixed-term deposit, you cannot the money for 12 months.
6. Banks also provide to customers who must repay the amount and also pay interest.
7. Banks usually require for a loan, or assets they can seize if the loan isn't repaid.
8. To move money from your account to someone else's, ask your bank to the funds.
9. You can change money from one currency into another at a currency service.
10. Banks make a profit by investing or lending depositors' money and by charging .

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