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Import-Export Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   board      cargo      customs      declaration      duty      export      import      lading      origin      shipping  
1. A company that sells local goods to overseas buyers and ships them out of the country is an company.
2. A company that buys foreign goods and ships them in from overseas is an company.
3. Goods that are being transported by ship, plane, train or truck are called .
4. Goods that are being exported or imported can be inspected by officials from departments.
5. Exporters declare the value of the goods they're exporting on a customs form.
6. Importers often pay a customs tax called that's based on the value of the imported goods.
7. Exporters usually prepare a bill of showing a list of goods being exported and shipping instructions.
8. Goods are often shipped with a certificate of showing where the goods were manufactured.
9. Buyers often ask for a "free on " or f.o.b. quote showing costs of both the goods and loading them onto a ship.
10. Exporters can also send "cost, insurance, freight" or c.i.f. quotes that include the cost of goods, insurance, and freight or cost.

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