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Departments Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   company      expenses      goods      income      marketing      personnel      production      purchasing      research      sales  
1. A is an organisation that aims to make a profit for its owners and investors.
2. Companies make profits by producing and marketing or services.
3. Companies must pay such as salaries, production costs, and advertising costs.
4. If a company's from sales is greater than its expenses, it makes a profit.
5. A company's and development department develops new products or services.
6. A department plans and oversees the manufacturing of a company's products.
7. A department manages the launching, promotion and advertising of products.
8. A department manages distribution of products and deals with customers.
9. A department buys things like raw materials, company vehicles and office supplies.
10. A department recruits, manages and dismisses employees as necessary.

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