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Marketing Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   agencies      brand      campaigns      demand      demographic      graphic      market      product      satisfy      trademark  
1. Something that's produced and marketed by a company is called a .
2. A company can market many products under a single name such as "Apple".
3. A brand, product name or logo can be legally protected by registering it as a .
4. Companies find out what customers want to buy by carrying out research.
5. Market researchers divide a market into segments like "teen males" and call each a .
6. Market researchers do surveys to find the level of for products in each demographic.
7. Companies design and develop new products to demands discovered by market researchers.
8. Their designers create packaging and promotional materials that target a product's demographic.
9. They can employ advertising to create advertisements designed to appeal to potential customers.
10. Marketing can also involve product launches, celebrity endorsements and promotional activities.

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