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Consumer Protection Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   accurately      benefits      buy      complained      consumer      cutting      laws      produce      profit      protection  
1. A person who buys and uses a product is a .
2. Companies manufacture and market products in order to make a .
3. Profits are made by selling products for more than they cost to and market.
4. Companies can increase profits by production costs, but this can also reduce quality and product safety.
5. They can also increase profits by getting more consumers to products by advertising them.
6. When advertising products, companies often exaggerate their and mislead consumers.
7. Consumers who were misled by advertisements or bought unsafe products often to authorities.
8. These complaints led to the creation of consumer agencies in many countries.
9. These agencies ensure products meet minimum quality and safety standards and are described when advertised.
10. Consumer protection allow consumers to file charges against, and be compensated by, unethical companies.

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