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Physical Exercise Game 1

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   designed      equipment      healthy      jogging      muscles      music      series      sprinting      strength      working out  
1. Aerobic exercise like , cycling and swimming laps is slow, steady and takes a long time.
2. Anaerobic exercise like boxing, and lifting weights expends a lot of energy in a short time.
3. Flexibility exercises like yoga postures and stretches done before a race are designed to stretch .
4. Fitness training is any regular exercise routine like at the gym or doing a fitness trail routine.
5. Weight training involves lifting heavy weights to increase physical and build muscle mass.
6. Circuit training involves repeating a of exercises to develop fitness, flexibility and strength.
7. Aerobics is an exercise routine performed to and usually led by an aerobics instructor.
8. Gymnastics is a sport in which exercises are performed on like horizontal bars and vaulting horses.
9. Pilates is an exercise system performed on equipment by the system's inventor, Joseph Pilates.
10. Yoga is an Indian system of physical and mental exercises intended to create a body and mind.

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