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Starting a Career Game

Complete the story with words from the list:
   accept      advisor      assess      benefits      career      enrolled      graduated      interview      part-time      personnel      quit      recruiting      salary      vitae  
Jung was a Korean boy who'd studied hard through high school, and he had with very good grades. But Jung didn't know what he wanted to do in the future so he went to see a career . After the meeting, Jung decided to study computer programming and in a computer course near his home.

Jung studied hard, but he also wanted new clothes and gadgets so he worked in a department store. After finishing his course, Jung his part-time job and began to look for full-time work. He wrote a curriculum showing his education and employment history and sent it to companies that were new staff.

Before long a company contacted Jung and asked him to come for a job . Jung arrived in his brand new suit and was sent to see the company's manager, Ms Kim. Jung asked Ms Kim about the position and about prospects for promotion and any fringe that came with the job. Ms Kim also asked Jung many questions as she needed to his personality and suitability for the job.

A few days after the interview, Ms Kim offered the job to Jung and he was happy to . After working at the company for the next six months, Jung was promoted and his was raised. Jung enjoyed the work, got on well with his colleagues, and felt his was off to a good start.

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