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Technical Jobs Game

Answer each question with a word from the list:
   boilermaker      carpenter      cement mason      electrician      fitter and turner      glazier      joiner and woodmachinist      painter and decorator      panel beater      plumber  
1. Who installs and repairs sewage, drainage and drinking water systems?

2. Who repairs the bodywork of cars and other vehicles damaged in road accidents?

3. Who builds wooden structures such as timber frame houses and wooden decks?

4. Who works on a lathe or milling machine to make metal fittings and machine parts?

5. Who prepares and pours the concrete used in buildings, pavements, walls, etc?

6. Who installs or replaces the glass in windows, glass doors, skylights, etc?

7. Who prepares the surfaces of a building and applies paint or wallpaper?

8. Who produces steel structures such as water tanks, bridges and steel platforms?

9. Who installs and repairs electical wiring, power points, light fittings, etc?

10. Who makes wooden fittings such as doors, cabinets, stairs and benches?

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