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Medical Professions Game

Answer each question with a word from the list:
   dentist      dermatologist      medical technician      nutritionist      optometrist      pharmacist      physiotherapist      psychiatrist      speech therapist      surgeon  
1. Who is the only person allowed to dispense prescription medicines?

2. Who treats people who have problems with their teeth or gums?

3. Who helps people to stay healthy by advising them about food and diet?

4. Who treats people with skin problems like acne and eczema?

5. Who performs medical procedures like organ transplants and heart bypass operations?

6. Who helps people having problems with their vision by prescribing corrective lenses?

7. Who can install, maintain and repair medical equipment and medical devices?

8. Who treats and advises people who are recovering from physical injury or surgery?

9. Who helps people to overcome speech impediments like stuttering?

10. Who treats people with mental illnesses like depression or psychosis?

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