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Computer and IT Jobs Game

Complete each sentence with a job title from the list:
   application software engineer.      computer support specialist.      database administrator.      help desk technician.      network administrator.      network security specialist.      programmer.      systems administrator.      systems software engineer.      web engineer.  
1. Someone who writes lines of code in languages such as Java, Perl and Ruby is a
2. Someone who manages the configuration and administration of an organization's IT systems is a
3. Someone who oversees the use of shared resources such as file servers, email servers and printers is a
4. Someone who responds to emails or telephone calls from computer users who have technical questions is a
5. Someone who designs and develops operating systems for mainframes, networks, PCs, etc., is a
6. Someone who designs and creates applications or utility programs is an
7. Someone who helps a computer or network user to install, maintain and repair hardware or software is a
8. Someone who is responsible for installing firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware systems is a
9. Someone who designs, implements, maintains and repairs an organization's database is a
10. Someone who designs and develops web-based systems and applications is a

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