Social Sciences Game

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   anthropology      archaeology      economics      human geography      linguistics      media studies      political science      psychology      public administration      sociology  
1. The study of different cultures, customs and beliefs is called .
2. The study of money, industry and trade is called .
3. The study of human societies and social norms, roles, status, etc is called .
4. The study of the relationships between human beings and the earth and resources is called .
5. The study of the human mind and human behaviour is called .
6. The study of mass communication via television, newspapers, websites, etc is called .
7. The study of systems of government and the use and abuse of power is called .
8. The study of state organizations and public policy is called .
9. The study of ancient societies via artifacts, ruins, human remains, etc is called .
10. The study of the origin, development and nature of language is called .

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