How Science Works Game

Complete the passage with words from the list:
   correct      discover      evolution      experiments      incorrect      journal      laboratory      repeat      support      telescope      test      theory      undermine      works  
The aim of science is to new facts about the world. Scientists discover new facts by making observations, or by doing . For example, astronomers might discover new facts by making observations through a , and chemists might discover new facts by doing experiments in a .

An idea that explains why something is true, or how something happens, is called a scientific . For example, Charles Darwin developed the theory of to explain how all the different species of plants and animals appeared over time. Scientists then designed experiments, and made observations, in order to his theory.

The results of an experiment might support a theory, or they might it. If scientists keep getting results that undermine a theory, they should accept that it is . But if they keep getting results that a theory, they should accept that it is correct. After thousands of experiments and observations that support the theory of evolution, for example, it is now accepted as being .

Scientists who find new evidence that supports or undermines a theory should publish their results in a respected scientific . The evidence will only be accepted as valid if other scientists can the observation or experiment and get the same results.

This is how science .

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