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Cellular Respiration Game

Complete the passage with words from the list:
   atmosphere      blood      dioxide      fat      heart      muscles      nutrients      oxygen      respiration      toilet  
When we breathe in, our lungs expand and is absorbed from the air and passes into the blood. The oxygen binds to red blood cells and is transported to all the cells in the body every time the pumps.

When we eat, the food goes into the stomach where digestion breaks it down into the body needs. The nutrients then move into the small intestine where they're absorbed into the and carried to every cell in the body. Anything we've eaten that isn't broken down into nutrients moves into the large intestine before leaving the body when we go to the .

When oxygen from the air we breathe and nutrients from the food we eat meet in the body's cells, a process called cellular occurs. This is a chemical reaction that transforms the nutrients and oxygen into energy and carbon . The energy is used by the body to build and repair cells and to power our , or it can be stored in the body as . The carbon dioxide is a waste product that moves from the cells back into the blood. The blood then carries it back to the lungs where it's released into the every time we breathe out.

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