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Sports Talk Game—Coaches

Complete each example with the correct sport from the list:
   American football      baseball      basketball      car racing      cricket      golf      rugby      soccer      tennis      volleyball  
1. "If you take a corner, put it high and deep so Phil can head it in from the back post."
2. "After screening a defender, roll on past the three-point line and find space for a pass."
3. "I want you guys to run off the line of scrimmage and blitz their quarterback."
4. "Three more overs of spin and then our fast bowlers can attack with the new ball."
5. "Stick with serve and volley mostly, but stay back on the baseline now and then."
6. "The greens are fast, so hit your approach shots below the pin for uphill putts."
7. "If we get a runner on third base, our next batter bunts and we score."
8. "Tail him through the chicane and then pass him on the back straight."
9. "If we get a scrum within 4 or 5 metres of the gaol line, go for a try."
10."Let's go five-one offense with Jenny as setter and the rest hitting or faking."

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