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Sporting Skills Game 2

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   bowling      heading      knocking out      paddling      putting      serving      slam-dunking      spiking      tacking      tackling  
1. The heavyweight boxer won by his opponent.
2. Soccer players who are good at the ball often score goals.
3. Basketball players love jumping up to the basket and .
4. The best part of my golf game is definitely my .
5. I'd win more games of tennis if I could improve my .
6. Volleyball players almost always practise when they train.
7. Rugby players are good at opponents who are running with the ball.
8. An all-rounder in cricket is good at both batting and .
9. If you want to be a yachtsman, you'll need to learn the art of .
10. To win a kayak race you have to be good at .

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