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Sports Talk Game—Fans

Complete each sentence with a word from the list:
   American football      baseball      basketball      boxing      cricket      golf      rugby      snooker      soccer      tennis  
1. "Come on! If they get it out of the scrum, they can score a try from there." He's watching .
2. "Whoa! Did you see Larry's slam dunk after that super fast rebound?" He's watching .
3. "If he hits a home run now we'll go into the last inning four runs up!" She's watching .
4. "She's hooked it into the rough again! Looks like another bogey for Tammy." He's watching .
5. "What a great combination! Two left jabs and a thumping right hook to the jaw." He's watching .
6. "Damn! That linebacker's just sacked Tommy for the second time this quarter!" He's watching .
7. "That was LBW! The ball would've hit middle stump for sure!" He's watching .
8. "All he has to do is pot the pink and the black and he's won the title!" He's watching .
9. "That was a goal! Joey wasn't offside when the other lad passed it to him!" She's watching .
10. "What a rally! And he won it with the best backhand volley he's hit all week!" She's watching .

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