Animals Crossword 6

Click on a number in the crossword, write your answer, and then click "Enter". (Click "Hint" if you need help to get the next letter in each word.)
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1. A young dog
4. It loves to lap up milk
5. A farm animal, with a beard if male
6. It looks like a mouse, but is bigger
8. Animals do this for their hungry young
10. People who are very cruel to animals are sent here
11. King Kong was one of these African apes


1. A talkative bird
2. Ham and bacon come from this
3. A flying mammal
4. A desert animal, with one hump or two
7. A large cat with a striped coat
8. Chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys
9. See '1 across', then think of the adult and pluralize