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Animals Crossword 7

Click on a number in the crossword, write your answer, and then click "Enter". (Click "Hint" if you need help to get the next letter in each word.)
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1. What are snakes, lizards and crocodiles?
4. A child's word for '1 down'
6. A type of snake
8. "We need _ _ protect endangered animals."
10. Male sheep
12. A dairy product that comes from cow's milk


1. What has long ears, hops, and likes to eat carrots?
2. China's most famous animal
3. It looks like a snake, but it's a fish
5. An African animal with a black and white coat
7. The male of this beautiful species grows antlers every year
9. Large bovine traditionally used to pull carts
11. He said, "Are you an animal lover?" and I said, "Yes, I _ _ ."

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