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Global Warming Game

Fill each gap with a word from the list. Each word must be used once only:
   air      carbon      coal      energy      evidence      food      harm      ice      mankind      methane      oil      pollution      power      production      progress      transportation      understanding      water  

The Industrial Revolution, which began in Great Britain in the seventeenth century, brought great technological to the world, but it has also created many problems. One of the most serious problems is the fact that the temperature of the and the water in the oceans is rising. This problem, known as "global warming" or "climate change", is already having many serious effects, including the melting of in the polar regions, rising sea levels, and an increase in the number of hurricanes and cyclones. In coming decades, global warming is expected to seriously affect hundreds of millions of people through increased coastal flooding, reductions in supplies, shortages and increasing health problems. Climate scientists all around the world now accept that proves global warming is caused by human activity. One of the major causes is of the atmosphere with "greenhouse gases" like carbon dioxide and . Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution there has been a 40% increase in the concentration of dioxide in the atmosphere, a chemical known to cause atmospheric warming. This increase is mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels like and . Our modern industrial world depends on fossil fuels for most of our energy needs. They are used for in cars, ships and planes, and for electricity in power stations. These technologies will continue to be used, and global warming will continue to us, until alternative technologies like solar, wind, and thermal replace them. Until then, one of the best things we can do is use less and fewer products. We can also share our of the problem with the people we know and vote for politicians who want to solve the problem. Unless we all do whatever we can to reduce the impact of global warming, it could become the most serious problem has ever faced.

Written by Matt Errey for EnglishClub

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