English Lesson Plans

He teaches ill who teaches all.

Here are some great ideas for activities that will brighten up any English language class. Here you'll find ready-made lesson plans, as well as tips and ideas that you can include in lesson plans.

What is a Lesson Plan?
A basic look at what a lesson plan for English teachers is and is not.

ESL Worksheets

Practical and printer-friendly worksheets and printables for use in the English classroom.

ESL Activities

Ideas for classroom activities and games at different levels and ages.

ESL Handouts

Multiple Intelligences Revisited
This freely downloadable e-book by Rolf Palmberg provides an introduction for teachers to Multiple Intelligences (MI) plus three detailed lesson plans and additional exercises that demonstrate and apply MI principles. (PDF format, 2.4MB)

Developing EFL Learners' Vocabulary Awareness
This freely downloadable e-book by Rolf Palmberg offers 15 easy-to-follow original lesson plans, with teacher's notes and answers. (PDF format, 290KB)

Better untaught than ill taught