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EnglishClub Grammar Quizzes

Try these grammar quizzes for ESL learners to test your understanding of grammar. All quizzes have answers available.

General Grammar Quizzes

Grammar Vocabulary Quizzes

Phrases Quiz

What is a Sentence? Quiz

Sentence Structure Quiz

Direct Object Quiz

Indirect Object Quiz

Linking, Intransitive and Transitive Verbs Quiz

Parenthetical Expression Quiz

Parts of Speech

Interjections Quiz

What is an Adjective? Quiz

What is an Adverb? Quiz

What is a Determiner? Quiz

What is a Preposition? Quiz

Prepositions of Place Quiz

What is a Pronoun? Quiz

What is a Conjunction? Quiz

What is a Noun? Quiz

What is a Verb? Quiz

Irregular Verbs Quizzes (8 quizzes)

Modal Verbs


Graded Quizzes

Elementary Level *

Intermediate Level ***

Advanced Level *****