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Listening Quiz 1 + Conversational Phrases (question/answer)

This online quiz tests listening comprehension with conversational phrases. (Teachers can also print it on paper for use in class.)

Instructions: Listen to the recorded question (person A), then select the best response (person B).

Your teacher will play an audio for each item 1-10.
Listen, and mark the best choice a), b) or c).

Not at all
Not so much
Not that I know of
a) Not at all b) Not so much c) Not that I know of
Thanks a lot
Sounds good
Up to you
a) Thanks a lot b) Sounds good c) Up to you
Yes! That's this!
Yes! That's it!
Yes! That's that!
a) Yes! That's this! b) Yes! That's it! c) Yes! That's that!
I'm afraid so
I'm afraid not
I'm afraid no
a) I'm afraid so b) I'm afraid not c) I'm afraid no
No way
Nothing much
Not that I know of
a) No way b) Nothing much c) Not that I know of
Much, sir
Yes please
Yes, I care
a) Much, sir b) Yes please c) Yes, I care
No such luck
No much luck
Never get lucky
a) No such luck b) No much luck c) Never get lucky
I can't tell
You never can tell
Cross my heart
a) I can't tell b) You never can tell c) Cross my heart
Sure. No problem
Sure. I'd be glad to
Sure. Just a minute
a) Sure. No problem b) Sure. I'd be glad to c) Sure. Just a minute
Sorry, no way
Sorry, no idea
Sorry, no time
a) Sorry, no way b) Sorry, no idea c) Sorry, no time

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1. Would you mind holding the door, please?
2. What do you want for dinner? Thai food or Indian?
3. Is this the one you were looking for?
4. Excuse me. Do you have these shoes in a size ten?
5. What are you guys doing on the weekend?
6. Would you care for more wine, sir?
7. Did you get a seat on that flight you wanted?
8. If I tell you, promise to keep it to yourself?
9. Do you mind if I take this and call you back?
10. Any idea what time it is in Tokyo now?

Contributor: Matt Errey. Matt is the author of several books including 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context and Common English Idioms for learners, and Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes for teachers.