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Listening Quiz 2 + Conversational Phrases (question/follow-up statement)

This online quiz tests listening comprehension with conversational phrases. (Teachers can also print it on paper for use in class.)

Instructions: Listen to the recorded question (person A), then select the follow-up statement (also person A) that best matches.

Your teacher will play an audio for each item 1-10.
Listen, and mark the best choice a), b) or c).

He looks really great
He looks a bit worried
He looks so pleased
a) He looks really great b) He looks a bit worried c) He looks so pleased
You can't go wrong
You can't do wrong
You can't last long
a) You can't go wrong b) You can't do wrong c) You can't last long
Just as well it rains
Just in case it rains
Just as long as it rains
a) Just as well it rains b) Just in case it rains c) Just as long as it rains
No matter he's overweight
No problem he's overweight
No wonder he's overweight
a) No matter he's overweight b) No problem he's overweight c) No wonder he's overweight
I don't think so
I don't guess so
I don't know so
a) I don't think so b) I don't guess so c) I don't know so
Of course so
Of course no
Of course not
a) Of course so b) Of course no c) Of course not
Here. Read yourself
Here. See for yourself
Here. Do it yourself
a) Here. Read yourself b) Here. See for yourself c) Here. Do it yourself
OK. Suit yourself
OK. Suit myself
OK. Suit ourselves
a) OK. Suit yourself b) OK. Suit myself c) OK. Suit ourselves
No idea!
No way!
No less!
a) No idea! b) No way! c) No less!
Be right with you
Be seeing you
Be that as it may
a) Be right with you b) Be seeing you c) Be that as it may

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  1. What's the matter with Tony today?
  2. Why not go for one of those super secure government jobs?
  3. Shouldn't you take an umbrella?
  4. Have you seen how much Harry eats?
  5. Do you really think the rich care about poor people like us?
  6. What do you mean have I ever been to prison?
  7. You don't think she'd write that in an email?
  8. So you don't want to visit us after all?
  9. You want us to work for less money?
  10. Can you wait just a second?
Contributor: Matt Errey. Matt is the author of several books including 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context and Common English Idioms for learners, and Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes for teachers.