Listening Quiz 3 + Conversational Phrases (statement/follow-up question)

This online quiz tests listening comprehension with conversational phrases. (Teachers can also print it on paper for use in class.)

Instructions: Listen to the recorded statement (person A), then select the follow-up question (also person A) that best matches.

Your teacher will play an audio for each item 1-10.
Listen, and mark the best choice a), b) or c).

How come?
How go?
How so?
a) How come? b) How go? c) How so?
What do they think?
What was its thinking?
What were they thinking?
a) What do they think? b) What was its thinking? c) What were they thinking?
What's going in?
What's going on?
What's going over?
a) What's going in? b) What's going on? c) What's going over?
What's in him?
What's into him?
What's got into him?
a) What's in him? b) What's into him? c) What's got into him?
How does that sound?
How does that look?
How does that do?
a) How does that sound? b) How does that look? c) How does that do?
How not?
Why not?
What not?
a) How not? b) Why not? c) What not?
What's the big idea?
What's the matter?
What's the thing?
a) What's the big idea? b) What's the matter? c) What's the thing?
What's the matter with her?
What's wrong with her?
What's that all about?
a) What's the matter with her? b) What's wrong with her? c) What's that all about?
Shall I make myself clear?
Can I make myself clear?
Do I make myself clear?
a) Shall I make myself clear? b) Can I make myself clear? c) Do I make myself clear?
What are we waiting for?
What are we leaving for?
What are we staying for?
a) What are we waiting for? b) What are we leaving for? c) What are we staying for?

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  1. You said you'd call, but you didn't.
  2. They thought they could rob a bank and get away with it.
  3. There's all these police cars down the street.
  4. My son's behaving so badly these days.
  5. I was thinking we could see a movie.
  6. You still haven't paid back the money you borrowed.
  7. You don't seem yourself today, Alex.
  8. My daughter's never been so happy.
  9. Don't you ever take money from your mother's purse again!
  10. Our train leaves in an hour!
Contributor: Matt Errey. Matt is the author of several books including 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context and Common English Idioms for learners, and Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes for teachers. He is also creator of WORD UP, the world's #1 EFL board game.