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General Knowledge 2

1) What is the capital of the USA?
a) New York
b) Washington DC
c) Washington State

2) How many continents are there?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7

3) How many oceans are there?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7

4) Which is the smallest continent?
a) Europe
b) Antarctica
c) Asia

5) What does NATO stand for?
a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
b) Northern Atlantic Treatment Organization
c) No Action Talking Only

6) Which country has used nuclear weapons?
a) Iraq
b) Japan
c) USA

7) The most populous country in the world is:
a) India
b) Indonesia
c) China

8) Which continent is the Russian Federation in?
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) Europe and Asia

9) What area is known as the "Roof of the World"?
a) New York
b) the Arctic
c) Tibet

10) Polar bears are found at which pole?
a) the South Pole
b) the North Pole
c) both

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