American Spelling: Quiz 2

These quizzes are based on our list of British and American spellings. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the American spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. I didn't ______________ it was so late.

realize realise
a) realize b) realise

2. The team's ______________ needs to be stronger.

defense defence
a) defense b) defence

3. There was an interesting ______________ on the radio last night.

programme program
a) programme b) program

4. We'd pay less for ______________ in a factory overseas.

labor labour
a) labor b) labour

5. The soup didn't have much ______________ , did it?

flavour flavor
a) flavour b) flavor

6. She spent a year ______________ around Europe.

travelling traveling
a) travelling b) traveling

7. Have you got a driver's ______________ ?

license licence
a) license b) licence

8. You'd need heart-shaped ______________ to make heart-shaped cookies.

moulds molds
a) moulds b) molds

9. Have you met your new ______________ yet?

neighbor neighbour
a) neighbor b) neighbour

10. Isn't nylon a man-made ______________ ?

fibre fiber
a) fibre b) fiber

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