American Spelling: Quiz 3

These quizzes are based on our list of British and American spellings. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the American spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. After collecting data, we ______________ it.

analyse analyze
a) analyse b) analyze

2. Try parking closer to the ______________ .

kerb curb
a) kerb b) curb

3. The opposite of defense is ______________ .

offense offence
a) offense b) offence

4. She likes to wear expensive ______________ .

jewelry jewellery
a) jewelry b) jewellery

5. Why do they always ______________ young people?

criticise criticize
a) criticise b) criticize

6. She's got a good sense of ______________ .

humor humour
a) humor b) humour

7. Would you like to see our ______________ ?

catalog catalogue
a) catalog b) catalogue

8. If you eat slowly, you can ______________ the food.

savor savour
a) savor b) savour

9. We rely on our captain's good ______________ .

judgement judgment
a) judgement b) judgment

10. It's been a great ______________ working with you.

honour honor
a) honour b) honor

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