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Commonly Misspelled Words: Quiz 3

These quizzes test spelling based on our list of 100 commonly misspelled words. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. I'm not sure ______________ to believe him or not.

whether wether
a) whether b) wether

2. It's easy to ______________ this word.

mispell misspell
a) mispell b) misspell

3. I'm too sleepy to drive, so we can't go any ______________ .

futher further
a) futher b) further

4. Mum and dad had a really big ______________ last night.

arguement argument
a) arguement b) argument

5. I can't ______________ his name.

remember remeber
a) remember b) remeber

6. I'm ______________ sorry for your loss.

truely truly
a) truely b) truly

7. She was really ______________ when I told her.

surprised suprised
a) surprised b) suprised

8. Did the doctor give you some ______________ ?

medecine medicine
a) medecine b) medicine

9. We need someone with ______________ of these new systems.

knowledge knowlege
a) knowledge b) knowlege

10. Maria's got a really good ______________ of humour.

sense sence
a) sense b) sence

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