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Commonly Misspelled Words: Quiz 4

These quizzes test spelling based on our list of 100 commonly misspelled words. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. When we get old, we can get a pension from the ______________ .

goverment government
a) goverment b) government

2. They're brothers, but they look ______________ different.

completly completely
a) completly b) completely

3. Poking your ______________ at someone is very rude.

tongue tounge
a) tongue b) tounge

4. Johnny always gets really ______________ hairstyles.

weird wierd
a) weird b) wierd

5. My sister's starting her own ______________ .

buisness business
a) buisness b) business

6. I love watching ______________ when there's a storm.

lightning lightening
a) lightning b) lightening

7. We need more games for learning ______________ .

grammer grammar
a) grammer b) grammar

8. David was very ______________ when he was young.

religous religious
a) religous b) religious

9. If he doesn't get the top score, he's always ______________ .

dissapointed disappointed
a) dissapointed b) disappointed

10. She didn't study and ______________ she failed.

therefore therefor
a) therefore b) therefor

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