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Commonly Misspelled Words: Quiz 5

These quizzes test spelling based on our list of 100 commonly misspelled words. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. The ______________ shows all the public holidays.

calendar calender
a) calendar b) calender

2. A wedding is a very special ______________ .

occassion occasion
a) occassion b) occasion

3. He didn't get the job, ______________ .

unfortunatly unfortunately
a) unfortunatly b) unfortunately

4. Have you ever been to a ______________ country?

foreign foriegn
a) foreign b) foriegn

5. All our ______________ are elected by voters.

politicians politicans
a) politicians b) politicans

6. We'll ______________ be there. Don't worry.

definately definitely
a) definately b) definitely

7. People older than eighty are in a special ______________ .

catagory category
a) catagory b) category

8. Don't go near their dog. It's ______________ .

vicious viscious
a) vicious b) viscious

9. Our hospitals are ______________ owned, so they're free.

publicly publically
a) publicly b) publically

10. She looks ______________ , but I don't know her.

familar familiar
a) familar b) familiar

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