Spelling Rules Quiz 1: Adding -er/-est

This quiz is based on our spelling lesson on adding -er/-est to adjectives. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. Yesterday was hot, but today's even ______________ .

hoter hotter
a) hoter b) hotter

2. Etta was a great singer, but Billie was the ______________ .

greatest greattest
a) greatest b) greattest

3. Would going by train be ______________ than going by taxi?

quickker quicker
a) quickker b) quicker

4. That's one of the ______________ songs I've ever heard.

sadest saddest
a) sadest b) saddest

5. Japanese is the ______________ language I've studied.

hardest harddest
a) hardest b) harddest

6. Your brother seems much ______________ these days.

happyer happier
a) happyer b) happier

7. Steve came late, but James was even ______________ .

later latter
a) later b) latter

8. Who do you think's the ______________ girl in our class?

prettiest pretteist
a) prettiest b) pretteist

9. What's the height of the world's ______________ mountain?

highest heighest
a) highest b) heighest

10. Old zombie movies are ______________ than these new ones.

scarrier scarier
a) scarrier b) scarier

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