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Spelling Rules Quiz 2: Adding -ing/-ed

This quiz is based on our spelling lesson on adding -ing or -ed to verbs. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. We didn't play football, but the other kids ______________ .

played plaid
a) played b) plaid

2. Shall I make lunch, or are you ______________ it?

makeing making
a) makeing b) making

3. The bank's still closed, but it'll be ______________ soon.

openning opening
a) openning b) opening

4. Hurry up! The concert's ______________ any minute.

beginning begining
a) beginning b) begining

5. All the kids danced, and grandma was ______________ too.

danceing dancing
a) danceing b) dancing

6. The train started and then ______________ all of a sudden.

stopped stoped
a) stopped b) stoped

7. Tell me the truth! I know you're ______________ .

lying lieing
a) lying b) lieing

8. Guy was still young when he ______________ of cancer.

dyed died
a) dyed b) died

9. What's everyone looking at? What's ______________ ?

happenning happening
a) happenning b) happening

10. Floods have ______________ more often than usual this year.

occurred occured
a) occurred b) occured

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