Spelling Rules Quiz 3: Adding -ly

This quiz is based on our spelling lesson on adding -ly to adjectives. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. Christine plays the piano ______________ .

beautifly beautifully
a) beautifly b) beautifully

2. Stop talking so ______________ , will you?

loudly loudily
a) loudly b) loudily

3. It's been raining ______________ all day.

heavyly heavily
a) heavyly b) heavily

4. We had a terrible loss because we played so ______________ .

terriblely terribly
a) terriblely b) terribly

5. They lived ______________ ever after.

happilly happily
a) happilly b) happily

6. If you drive ______________ , you'll cause accidents.

carelessly carelessily
a) carelessly b) carelessily

7. The boss wants to see you in her office ______________ .

immediately immediatly
a) immediately b) immediatly

8. The jobs aren't ______________ given to graduates.

necessarily necessarly
a) necessarily b) necessarly

9. Do you get weekly reports or ______________ reports?

dayly daily
a) dayly b) daily

10. They differ on some details, but ______________ they agree.

basically basicly
a) basically b) basicly

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