Spelling Rules Quiz 4: Adding -s

This quiz is based on our spelling lesson on adding -s. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. How many tigers and ______________ did you see?

lioness lions
a) lioness b) lions

2. His parents believe in religion, but Jason ______________ in science.

believes beliefs
a) believes b) beliefs

3. Today's match was harder to win than our other ______________ .

matches matchs
a) matches b) matchs

4. There are never enough ______________ when you need one.

taxies taxis
a) taxies b) taxis

5. Many companies don't pay all their ______________ .

taxxes taxes
a) taxxes b) taxes

6. In the past, all married couples were husbands and ______________ .

wifes wives
a) wifes b) wives

7. Jason thinks his parents have some strange ______________ .

beliefs believes
a) beliefs b) believes

8. We love small towns, but our kids love big ______________ .

cities city's
a) cities b) city's

9. How many ______________ should we cook?

potatos potatoes
a) potatos b) potatoes

10. How many ______________ does one million have?

zeros zeroes
a) zeros b) zeroes

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