Spelling Rules Quiz 5: Ending in -ible or -able

This quiz is based on our spelling lesson on words ending in -ible or -able. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

Choose the correct spelling of the missing word in each sentence:

1. That was a really ______________ movie!

terrible terrable
a) terrible b) terrable

2. You can see smoke, but oxygen is ______________ .

invisable invisible
a) invisable b) invisible

3. The new phones will be ______________ next month.

availible available
a) availible b) available

4. Wind power is a form of ______________ energy.

renewable renewible
a) renewable b) renewible

5. Who was ______________ for making the mistake?

responsible responsable
a) responsible b) responsable

6. Winning a gold medal's an ______________ achievement.

incredable incredible
a) incredable b) incredible

7. Running away was ______________ given the circumstances.

understandable understandible
a) understandable b) understandible

8. We couldn't read his writing. It was ______________ .

illegible illegable
a) illegible b) illegable

9. For most people, a gold Rolex isn't ______________ .

affordible affordable
a) affordible b) affordable

10. He's sacked one of our most ______________ workers!

dependible dependable
a) dependible b) dependable

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