Learning English Video Project

Tales from America Quiz

First watch the film Tales from America (18 minutes) and then see how well you score in this fun comprehension quiz.

1. Which word is NOT used by learners to describe their first impressions of New York?


2. According to Lee, the Israeli student, people "must" know English because it's the

official language of America
most important language in the world
language used in most universities

3. What was the Argentinean engineer's main reason for going to New York?

to learn about English software
to upgrade his technical skills in English
to improve his English in an English setting

4. Three of the female learners say that knowing English helps people from their own countries

make friends
improve their own language
get jobs

5. According to the interviewees, it is difficult for beginners to express themselves in English because they

are afraid to talk to people
focus too much on grammar
think in their native language

6. How is the translation student improving her English each day?

by living with a native English speaker
she has a teacher who uses different accents
she is not afraid to ask questions

7. What improved for the South Korean student after going to New York?

her confidence in speaking English
her TOEIC score
her ability to make friends

8. What advice is given to people who can't travel to an English-speaking country?

study at least one or two hours a day
focus on reading before speaking
go to an English-only school

9. What is the last piece of advice for English learners?

play in English
move to New York
watch English-language TV

10. Which of the following is true about New York based on the camera footage?

the taxi drivers speak English
it's a multicultural city
most people are tourists

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