Learning English Video Project

Thoughts from Brazil Quiz

First watch the film Thoughts from Brazil (16+ minutes) and then see how well you score in this fun comprehension quiz.

1. At the start of the film, Sao Paulo is NOT described as being

a huge cultural centre
full of life
a very dry city

2. Which is mentioned early in the film as a problem for learners of English?

there aren't enough native speakers
they don't have enough time to study
they don't learn to communicate well

3. Which word is NOT found in the rainbow at the children's school?


4. Which is NOT true about the children's school?

the furniture is labelled in English
its main mission is exam preparation
it looks cute and colourful

5. In the sentence "I wanna play this game", what does "wanna" mean?

want to
won a

6. Buddy is a

zoo animal

7. Beatriz was surprised that her brother could communicate with

a Korean gamer
a Spanish student
a Facebook friend in Israel

8. Most of Amanda's friends put their Orkut settings on


9. Why does Amanda mention Syria?

she wants to go there
she used to live there
she has Facebook friends there

10. Jose mentions Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Muse because they were

films that helped him learn new words
bands that inspired him to learn English
courses that he studied in school

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