Learning English Video Project

Insights from China Quiz

First watch the film Insights from China (18 minutes) and then see how well you score in this fun comprehension quiz.

1. What does Zhang, the CEO of Spring Airlines, say about learning English?

it's very important in her line of business
she never learned it at school
her staff speak English very well

2. What does Wang, the airline project manager, say about language in the aviation industry?

English isn't common on Chinese airlines
airline workers only know basic English
a common language is important for safety

3. What goal does Spring Airlines have?

to become an English-only business
to become an international airline
to become Shanghai's top airline

4. Which is NOT mentioned as a way of learning English?

learning from the Internet
practising dialogues
watching American news

5. What does Wei Wei, the English teacher, say about how she learned English?

she learned tenses little by little
she memorised a lot of phrases
she visited websites like EnglishClub

6. What does Solomon, the IT manager, list in the film?

English-language TV shows
influential English-speaking musicians
airline safety rules

7. Shanghai is named as one of the biggest

English regions
financial cities
travel hubs

8. What does Zhang do when she's too busy for English classes?

she studies in her car
she studies at church
she reads airline manuals

9. What does Zhang's English teacher recommend to learners?

spend more time in virtual classrooms
listen to English bands
open one's mouth more while speaking

10. What advice does Wang have for English learners?

make more time for learning English
go to weekend English classes
learn speaking before writing, like babies

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