Learning English Video Project

Stories from Morocco Quiz

First watch the film Stories from Morocco (16 minutes) and then see how well you score in this fun comprehension quiz.

1. What did you learn about Morocco in the first two minutes of the film?

Casablanca is an advanced city
tour guides don't speak any English
a new English school opens every day

2. According to the Moroccan system, when do students have to start learning English?

as soon as they enter school
from the age of 12
at around age 16

3. According to the technician, English is important in Morocco these days because

Americans run most businesses
it's easier to learn than Arabic
tourism is booming

4. To deal with multi-level classes, teachers at the school

provide after-school and lunch-time help
pay higher level learners to act as tutors
assign more homework to those who need it

5. Where did Salma get her English accent from?

from a book
from living in America
from her family

6. In Morocco it can be difficult to find

English books, magazines, and newspapers
people who speak English in the markets
schools that teach British English

7. Who gives the Congolese student extra conversation help?

his teacher at night school
his high school principal
his father

8. Which three languages make up the Moroccan dialect?

Spanish, French, German
Arabic, English, Moroccan
French, Arabic, Spanish

9. What challenge did the school's co-director face in the US?

learning sign language for business
finding an English-only homestay
changing British English to American English

10. In the last clip of the film, what does Ali say is necessary to succeed in English?

studying in an English speaking country
talking with native English speakers
having a willingness to learn

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