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Conversations in Spain Quiz

First watch the film Conversations in Spain (17+ minutes) and then see how well you score in this fun comprehension quiz.

1. What type of job did the director's father do in Spain before opening his school?

taught private English lessons
worked as a fashion designer
lectured at the university

2. What does the school director say happened "slowly but surely"?

men began taking women more seriously
women began taking English classes
women began teaching English to men

3. What type of city is Granada?

an Italian city
a city mainly of Westerners
a tourist city

4. According to the school director, how has English teaching changed in Granada?

the hours are much longer
the pay is much higher
it has become more professional

5. What happened in the 80s in Italy?

Spanish people began studying there
English businessmen travelled there
primary students began learning English

6. What does Giulio say about his middle school English teacher?

he had poor pronunciation
he didn't believe in textbooks
he provided a strong grammar basis

7. What reminder does Giulio offer to other English learners?

people won't judge your English if you try
if you don't feel like studying, don't do it
go to America to get a job

8. What does Giulio say about mistakes?

they are rarely noticeable
even native speakers make them
they help you to improve

9. What does Beatriz say Spanish people do when they speak English?

they forget the importance of pronunciation
they look down at the ground
they think about the sentence structure

10. At what age are students required to start learning English in Spain?


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