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Learning English Video Project

Self-study exercise (Tales from America) part 3 vocab

Find the word or phrase that most closely matches the underlined word:

1 "It was spectacular...in the USA everything is big."
2 "Mainly my aim here is to study English in a setting where everything is English."
3 "In computer science or computer engineering, the software and program languages are in English."
4 "When we apply for a job we need certification that says I have the ability to speak English."
5 "To express yourself in a foreign language is difficult because you think in the native language and you want to speak in the foreign language."
6 "When you overcome that fear it becomes easier to understand and to be able to communicate."
7 "They are always worried about their grammar or vocabulary being right. They have no confidence when they speak."
8 "If they can get grants from the government and can travel around the world it's the best thing because you can learn the best English. It's not the same in our countries."
9 "If they don't have the possibility to travel I think the only way to study English is to take it seriously."
10 "I think an intensive course would be the best way to learn the language."

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