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Learning English Video Project

Self-study exercise (Thoughts from Brazil) part 3 vocab

Find the word that most closely matches the underlined word:

1 "The great part of the economy of Brazil is concentrated in this city, so everything happens here."
2 "When it comes to speaking, they get nervous and say everything wrong."
3 "If a child likes superheroes, we take superhero themes to this class to talk about parts of the body, adjectives and all of the things that can make this kid speak in English."
4 "We always have the language used as a real means of communication."
5 "This is the verb (do) and this is how you conjugate the verb (I do, you do...)."
6 "We are talking in real time on the Internet."
7 "My Orkut settings are all in English."
8 "The majority of my friends put the settings on Portuguese."
9 "RPG games are games in which you use and control one character."
10 "It represents you."

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