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Self-study exercise (Stories from Morocco) part 3 vocab

Find the word that most closely matches the underlined word:

1 "There are a lot of foreign companies, like American companies, opening up their headquarters or branches here in Morocco."
2 "English is coming along more every day, all over Morocco."
3 "The tourism is really booming here."
4 "If you want to go to university in Morocco now they require you to have an intermediate level of English, actually."
5 "The unique part about our school is that children will graduate with three languages."
6 "Moroccan as a dialect is a combo of Arabic, French, and a little bit of Spanish as well."
7 "Sometimes it can be chaotic because many people don't understand. It can take weeks for one person and one day for another person."
8 "You tell people you speak three or four languages and they're like, wow, you're a genius."
9 "Obviously English is not my native language."
10 "There are no obstacles if there is a willingness to learn."

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