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Learning English Video Project

Self-study exercise (Conversations in Spain) part 2 comprehension

According to the film, are the following sentences True or False?

1 The first people to attend the English school in Granada were women.
2 The school director says English is a requirement for just about any profession in Spain.
3 In Spain, university has never been an option for women.
4 Giulio says that his case is different from most learners because he suffers from extreme shyness.
5 Beatriz offers a friendly apology to Italian viewers after she shares her viewpoint about their speaking abilities.
6 Beatriz believes that travelling abroad is important if you want to learn English.
7 According to Beatriz, the English instruction in Spanish state schools and private classes is exactly the same.
8 Giulio's mother always makes fun of his English.
9 Beatriz says that it can be difficult to learn proper English pronunciation from a Spanish native like herself.
10 Beatriz suggests that you have to like the language you are learning.

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