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Self-study exercise (Conversations in Spain) part 3 vocab

Find the word that most closely matches the underlined word:

1 "This school was set up in 1954 originally by my father, who came here on holiday and decided to stay."
2 "But then he realized that there might be a demand for an English language school."
3 "We are now seeing the second and third generation of those people who came to study English here originally."
4 "It was the fashionable thing for a young lady to do. "
5 "There is a very big expatriate community, especially down on the coast."
6 "I'm here for work. I came here on Saturday to attend a conference."
7 "That's probably one of the most critical issues of learning a new language."
8 "Nobody is there to judge you or make fun of you."
9 "In 13 years we should be experts in English, but we are not."
10 "You have to talk and you have to get over your embarrassment."

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