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Learning English Video Project

Self-study exercise (Encounters in the UK) part 2 comprehension

According to the film, are the following sentences True or False?

1 Cambridge is a calm and peaceful city.
2 Christina and Carolina did foundation courses to prepare them for further study in the UK.
3 Homestay students are usually required to do their host family's laundry and dishes.
4 Michaela advises English learners to carry a dictionary at all times.
5 Learners who prefer student dormitories to homestay accommodation typically learn English faster.
6 All the homestay families in Cambridge are of British descent.
7 Homestay students can even learn English from the host family's children.
8 Learners of English staying in homestays want members of the family to correct their English.
9 Homestay hosts think the dinner table is one of the best places for their guests to practise their English.
10 Michaela says that living in Cambridge feels very similar to life at home.

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